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The “Woods” and Lake Rights

The Lake Arrowhead “Woods” is really Lake Arrowhead proper and is defined by the red lines on the Lake Arrowhead Map, accessible on this website. Any property within those red lines will have lake rights and the lake rights is really what defines Lake Arrowhead.

Whenever a Realtor is in doubt if a particular property is within the lake rights area, we go to the Assessor’s Records to see if the parcel is located in the “Woods”. If it is not noted as being in the Woods then it is not in Lake Arrowhead proper and does not have lake rights. Lake Rights means that a homeowner in this defined area can launch a boat in the lake; can rent or buy a dock; can purchase their ALA passes and walk the gated ALA Path; can pay an additional fee to use the “Beach Clubs”.

Many Woods Residents will walk the ALA Path to the Village for the free Summer Concert series or other events that are sponsored by the Village year around. Others will get into their boat and take a ride to the Village and park in the complementary day use docks.

Call Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA) at 909-337-2595 or visit ALA website for their most current fee schedule.

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